Saudi to stop hiring costly Bangladeshi workers

Saudi recruitment offices have decided to stop hiring Bangladeshi workers because they claim that a supply crunch has raised costs, the media reported on Tuesday.

Ibrahim Al-Megheimish, a recruitment expert, said that there were too few Bangladeshi maids from BDworkers seeking employment, which now means costs have risen from $1,000-1,800 just to bring them to Saudi Arabia, Arab News reported.

He said the cost outlined by the Saudi labour ministry is not enough to cover all the expenses incurred in bringing workers to the country. This has also been the complaint of other recruitment office owners, who said costs have risen 80 percent.

Al-Megheimish said the ministry’s claim that 500,000 Bangladeshi domestic workers would seek employment in the country has not materialised. Currently only four to six workers a week are supplied for work in Saudi Arabia, he said.

He said the training centers in Bangladesh are limited. In addition, the training period is four weeks, which has resulted in delays and penalties for workers, he said.