Savlon launches Clean Bangladesh campaign

Millions of people of all ages are affected with hygiene related illness. The sources of these life-threatening diseases are us. Many people in this country are habituated to dumping wastes on the street or where ever they think is suitable. Polluting the environment like this is indeed an unacceptable act. Wastes not only pollute the environment but are also the source of some deadly viruses, bacteria and germs.

Thus, to tackle the problem of people’s lack of hygiene consciousness, no.1 antiseptic brand of IMGL9507the country, Savlon, a product of ACI, is launching “Savlon-Clean Bangladesh” campaign from 09 February 2017. A campaign that is designed in a manner to create awareness and help people develop the habit of hygiene but in a manner that is spirited, entertaining and yet effective.

Targeting this, “Savlon – Clean Bangladesh” campaign was inaugurated by renowned author, Mr. Anisul Hoque in a press conference at ACI Centre, 245 Tejgaon industrial area on 8th February 2017. Mr. Syed Alamgir (Executive Director- ACI Consumer Brands & Managing Director- ACI Salt Ltd), Mr. Md. Quamrul Hassan (Business Director- Consumer Brands) & Mr. Md. Zakir Hossain (General Manager, Sales- Consumer Brands) were also present there.

The Chief Guest of the program, renowned author Mr. Anisul Hoque said, “it is only fitting for a market leading brand like Savlon to take such a societal changing step. I wholeheartedly support this great initiative and I hope everyone will join too. Now is the time to build a germ-free Bangladesh for the future generation.”

Mr. Syed Alamgir said, “I believe “Savlon-Clean Bangladesh”, is the way to install, to inspire and to invite goodness. A clean city inspires clean thinking. And that is what we want to do, we want to motivate people with “Savlon-Clean Bangladesh” to keep the cities, houses, roads and environment clean and help people realize that the rightful place for the waste is in the waste-bin.”

Savlon has always been active about giving innovative solutions to hygiene related issues. Being one of the leading companies in the country, ACI has been playing a huge role in nurturing a germ free, healthy society and in advancing possibilities. With the campaign slogan “Let’s Build a Germ-free Bangladesh”, Savlon aims to help people develop the habit of dumping waste materials in the waste bins. It is a matter of basic hygiene and is a part of our responsibility as human beings to keep our environment clean and hygienic as much as possible.

Thus Savlon thrives to ensure cleanliness in every sector of a person’s life with “Savlon – Clean Bangladesh”.