Separate booklet on tourism industry

Recognising the tourism sector’s potential, the government for the first time has come up with a ‘coordinated document’ to help flourish the sector in a planned way.

“This publication is a coordinated document to help flourish tourism industry. I believe, this publication will work as guideline in expanding the country’s tourism sector,” Finance Minister AMA Muhith wrote in the preface of a book.

Bangladesh-TourismThe book titled ‘Development and Floursihment of Tourism Industry’ described in details about tourist spots, future plan on their development and outlined plans for public private partnership (PPP) to develop tourism zones.

The book says the government is committed to the development and expansion of the country’s tourism industry and expansion of the tourism industry will help turn Bangladesh into a middle-income country by 2021.

In his budget speech, Muhith said the government is taking necessary steps to improve and renovate tourism facilities of different areas of the country for the development of the tourism industry.

“Steps have been taken to develop exclusive tourist zones under the PPP initiative. A separate booklet containing detailed information on present initiatives and future plans for the development of tourism industry has been presented before this House,” he added.