Shah Rukh is a friend: Aamir

It seems that a plain ride is not the only time Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan came together. In a candid interview the `Dhoom 3` star revealed that the rumours of the Khan tussle are just that, rumours.


In an tete-a-tete with a leading daily Aamir was quoted saying that Shah Rukh and he are friends and urges the Bollywood fraternity to come together more often.

“Shah Rukh is a friend too, we addressed the industry`s issues once, together. And not just actors, even producers, directors, musicians, technicians, exhibitors and distributors should come together as an industry to improve things within the system,” he said

Shah Rukh and Salman were seen to recently bury the hatchet after a highly controversial drama a few years ago; and Aamir and Salman have known to share a great rapport even promoting each other`s movies in their own ways.

SRK and Aamir were in Delhi for an event a few months ago and they even took the same flight to the capital. Aamir who is known for his philanthropy convinced Badshah Khan to use Sakha Cab service, which provides underprivileged women chauffeur jobs. Shah Rukh ended up sharing the ride with Aamir.

With the Khan`s burying old differences, can we hope for a movie with all three of them in it? After all… it would be a dream come true for everyone.

source:zee news