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Rising salinity threatens coastal communities – experts

Suruj Miah walks through his village carrying two large pots of water, one in his hand and the other on his shoulder. His 8-year-old granddaughter, Rozina, lugs a small pot by his side. “It is one of our daily duties,” Miah says. “We have to walk almost three kilometres to collect fresh water for our daily needs.” Miah used to be a farmer in Bangladesh’s coastal southwest district of Satkhira, but rising salt Construction of a dam, financed by The Netherlands, in Boyer Char. A newly planted forest could stabilize the dam, but too many people living in the area fear to lose their basis...
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Cheap, off-the-shelf technology cuts costly climate losses

Every day without fail Munsheer Sulaiman, 69, follows the same ritual. He dips a small cup into the stream that flows through his village of Chenchuri, about 300 kilometres southwest of Dhaka, and uses a light blue salinity monitor to measure the salt level in the water. If Sulaiman, who heads the village water operating committee, is unable to take the Construction of a dam, financed by The Netherlands, in Boyer Char. A newly planted forest could stabilize the dam, but too many people living in the area fear to lose their basis of life. Man on his field between the river and the new dam. Folgen d...
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Climate change resilience: BD women lead the way

Rajena Boiragi wakes up at six in the morning to collect crab and shrimp in her family fishing pond, usually spending around five hours a day in muddy waters gathering what she can to sell at the local market. The 55-year-old lives with her son, Heatler and her daughter, Indira, in the village of Holdibunia, located in the Mongla upazila (district) of Bagerhat, in south-western Bangladesh. “The pond is in my backyard so I don’t have to walk long and my son works with me, so together we get whatever we can, faster than if I was doing it on my own,” says Ms. Boiragi. climate

Bangladesh plans land from sea to help climate migrants

Bangladesh is going ahead with an ambitious plan to reclaim land from the sea to help relocate people who have lost their homes to sea level rise, erosion and extreme weather. Climate change-linked natural disasters are common in Bangladesh, with cyclones and storm surges displacing huge numbers of people. “River erosion alone claims about 20,000 acres of land in Bangladesh every year,” said Water Resources Minister Anisul Islam Mahmud. climateThat leaves up to 200,000 people homeless each year, according to a 2013 study by the Refugee and Migra...

1st UN funds for Bangladesh solar home systems

Bangladesh was in news on August 20, 2015 as it received 3.56 million US Dollar Carbon Credit from UN Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) for its fast growing solar home systems. With this, Bangladesh became the first country to receive funds from UN for solar home systems. Some other countries such as Senegal and India are in line to get the fund. Solar home systems are helping Bangladesh cut carbon emissions by reducing use of kerosene in rural areas. solar homeThe fund has been given to two Bangladeshi organisations named Infrastru...

Historic rainfall in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

Two monsoon lows are teaming up to bring record rainfall and deadly flooding to parts of southern Asia. The first monsoon low is spinning over northwestern India while also impacting southeast Pakistan. This strong monsoonal low has already produced record rainfall across the region and additional heavy rain and flooding is expected through at least Thursday. Rainfall from this low has totaled more than 432 mm (17 inches) since Monday in Bhuj, India. This is more than the normal yearly normal of 373.7 mm (14.72 inches). Rainfall across rain weather