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Coastal villagers pay price for climate change

Since 2010, Seeta Rani Mohaldar and her husband have lived like refugees. Her home now is a small, one-room structure with no electricity or running water. Seeta treks kilometers into the forest to fish and collect firewood: she is her family’s sole breadwinner. “If I have a good catch, I can earn up to 250-300 Taka (US$3-4). We can manage meals for two days with that money,” Seeta said in a recent interview. [caption id="attachment_18542" align="alignright" width="540"]Sushil Kumar Mondol, left, sits inside his home in a coastal area of southern Bangladesh. (Photo by Stephan Uttom)

Bangladeshi couple drive message on climate change

A BANGLADESHI couple is on an expedition to raise awareness in Southeast Asia and around the world about climate change, calling their journey “a ride for a greener Earth”. “We want local people to care more about Mother Earth and be more conscious about the impact of climate change,” Mohammad Shahade Ferdous said. BD coupleFerdous and his wife Fatema Sultana Shama are afraid that their low-lying homeland may disappear due to rising sea levels. According to Fardous, the forest and biodiversity of the Sunderbans National Park - a mangrove fores...

Green Climate Fund: Course correction needed?

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is meant to be a new, innovative institution that will directly support climate action in developing countries, with a particular focus on the poorest and most vulnerable who thus far have had little access to climate finance. Further, the GCF is to do this through projects and programmes that also address sustainable development and bring social, environmental, economic and gender benefits. But last week, at its penultimate meeting before the major United Nations climate summit in Paris, the GCF Board took decisions that flew in the face of this vision for the Fund. [caption id="attachment_18235" align="alignright" width="604"]

Volunteers learn to make life-or-death difference in disaster

In April 2013, Redowan Ahmed Srabon, a university student, watched in shock as news of the Rana Plaza factory collapse broke on television. Instead of just following the TV updates, he took a bus from central Dhaka to the factory, on the city’s outskirts, where more than 1,100 workers died and 2,500 were injured. [caption id="attachment_18148" align="alignright" width="620"]volunteer Urban volunteers in Dhaka learn to use light equipment during three days of training. Photograph: Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme[/caption] Srabon, 22 at the time...

EU parliament backs reform of carbon market

The European Parliament approved plans to overhaul the Europe Union’s carbon market, a key part of strategies to curb the EU’s global-warming emissions. Under reforms due to take effect in 2019, the Emissions Trading System (ETS) will set aside a portion of carbon credits if the surplus of emission allowances on the market exceeds a certain threshold, reports AFP. carbon marketThe reserve will then be put back onto the market if prices recover. The Market Stability Reserve (MSR) “is a crucial building block to help ensure that CO2 (car...