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72 including Thai army officer charged for human trafficking

Thailand, a notorious human trafficking hub, said it would indict 72 people including a senior army officer for engaging in the illegal trade of helpless migrants. [caption id="attachment_18411" align="alignright" width="612"]migrants Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants rescued from Thai jungle. File photo[/caption] A major people-smuggling trade unraveled in May when thousands of Bangladeshi and Rohingya (deemed by Myanmar to be illegals from Bangladesh) migrants were abandoned at sea and in jungle camps by traffickers following a Thai crackdown. The crisis...

Myanmar finds 102 stranded BD migrants on island

Myanmar’s navy has discovered more than 100 Bangladeshi migrants stranded for nearly a month on a southern island, state media said on Tuesday, following a regional migrant crisis in which people smugglers abandoned thousands at sea. It was the first major rescue reported by Myanmar since May, when its navy found a boat packed with more than 700 migrants in the Andaman Sea at the height of Southeast Asia’s migrant boat crisis. [caption id="attachment_18152" align="alignright" width="648"]rohingya_migrants_1 Myanmar's navy discovers over ...