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Human Rights

Rajuk’s mysterious silence makes Narayanganj councilor more aggressive

Defying the order of Rajdhani Unnayan Kotripokhsha (Rajuk), the construction work of a disputed risky 5-storey building at Muktinagr under 3 no. Ward of Nararayanganj City Corporation (NCC) is going on amid the lockdown of the corona pandemic. Owner of the building Nur Salam, father of Shah Jalal Badol, Councilor of 3no. Ward of Nararayanganj City Corporation (NCC) is continuing the work showing thumb to Rajuk and other utility authorities like DPDC and Titas. The area is under Zone-six of Rajuk. Rajuk on February 11/07/2019 sent a notice to Nur Salam to stop the construction work and remove his illegal building. People living in the adjacent homesteads around the risky

Rights organizations to address the rights crisis by Covid-19

To celebrate World Human Rights Day-2020, Right to Peace (R2P) organized a webinar on December 8, 2020, titled "Human Rights for Peace'', based on this year's theme- "Recover Better- Stand Up for Human Rights''.Right to Peace (R2P) convened the discussion in cooperation with Human Rights Disability and Development Foundation (HDDF), Human Rights Development Centre (HRDC), and Voluntary Association for Family Welfare and Social Development. The Honorary Chief Patron of Right to Peace, Dr. Saber Ahmed Chowdhury gave the welcome speech in the webinar. The respective gu...

Together …. now, let’s wake up against violence, rape

In today's world, equality between men and women is one of the ways to build a modern and prosperous state. There is an ambiguity in our society regarding the explanation of egalitarian society. At the same time, the people of the world have received the light of civilization. But it is very unfortunate that even at such a juncture, we have to think about inhumane issues like violence against women. A lot of people still treat women as objects of sexual desire! There is still a lot of narrowness in our mentality. That is to think of women as a human being! It's a big kind of mental shortcoming for us! Women's rights mean human rights, if women's rights are not well established, then human rights will not be established and this simple rationality that many of us show our unwillingness t...

Child Labour

Children who fail to go to school are at risk of being involved in heavy work without any skills. But in return for this labor, they often do not get their due. As a result they remain poor. Thus the vicious cycle of poverty continues. We have always failed to protect the rights of the child, writes Makama Mahmud Chowdhury.

Today's children will take the responsibility of running the country, nation and state of tomorrow. Every child is thought to be a potential leader for the future. The future and possibilities of the future lie in the child. Therefore, it is essential to develop children as worthy citizens. But unfortunately most of the children in our country are still disenfranchised and neglected which fuels the growth...

Arbitrary detention by unelected govt

The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) once again draws attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council and independent experts of its Special Procedures about systemic use of arbitrary arrests and detention as a tool for silencing the citizens, coerce the state power, and enjoy corruption.

Bangladesh is a State where legality or rational reason is not required for arresting a person. A coercive law-enforcement system and an illegitimate government, which consecutively retains State’s power by using the

Outspoken Indian lawyer Bhushan fined one rupee for tweets

India's top court on Monday ordered a prominent lawyer to pay a fine of 1 rupee (less than 2 cents) after his conviction in a highly watched criminal contempt case that sparked a debate on freedom of speech and the independence of the judiciary in the world's largest democracy.

Prashant Bhushan, 63, was found guilty in August of criminal contempt for posting two tweets in which he criticised the Supreme Court's chief justice and said the courts had played a role in "how democracy has been destroyed in India" since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in 2014.

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