5:18 pm - Sunday June 14, 7835

Tough to predict election results in 6 constituencies of Barishal

Shahariar Islam Sovon

Six MPs are contesting in six constituencies of Barishal district. However, the parliamentarians of three constituencies do not have to gain much momentum to pass the election results. In order to win the remaining three constituencies, MPs will have to contest with boats and independent candidates. In that case, it is not possible to predict who will be elected from those 3 seats.

Meanwhile, Jatiya Party candidate Engineer Iqbal Hossain Tapas, who has been nominated in two seats, has made it clear that he will not participate in the election.

There are no competing candidates in Barisal-1 (Gournadi-Agailjhara) seat. President of the district Awami League Abul Hasnat Abdullah who is the three-time member of parliament contesting with Jatiya Party leader Serniabat Sekender Ali and the leader of National People’s Party (NPP) Md Tuhin. But after getting the symbol Sekender Ali and Md Tuhin both are not even active in the field. Those two upazilas are covered with boat posters. Besides, several political teams are working on behalf of the boat.

Internal conflicts of Zahid Faruk and Sadiq Abdullah have escalated tensions within the party ahead of 12th National polls which may turn beneficial for the opposition party.

Barishal-4 (Hijla-Mehendiganj): Bangladesh Awami League Secretary of International Affairs Dr. Shammi Ahmed’s nomination has been cancelled. The current member of Parliament Pankaj Nath has become an independent candidate there. He is competing with the Eagle symbol. In Pankaj Nath’s campaign, it is said that the eagle is boat and the boat is eagle. But Dr. Shammi’s last appeal is scheduled for hearing on January 2.

Barishal-5 (Sadar):  State minister for water resources Retired colonel Zahid Faruk Shamim who is a Vice President of District Awami League has become a candidate for the upcoming national election from the Barishal-5 constituency from Awami League. Barisal Metropolitan Awami League general secretary and former mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah has collected nomination papers as an independent candidate to contest the 12th National polls. But his nomination was canceled as he was a dual citizen. However, the High Court has restored the candidacy of Barishal-5 independent Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah.

A number of AL supporters told the bdreports24.com that internal conflicts of the Barishal city and district units Awami League have escalated tensions within the party ahead of the polls, with two rival groups meanwhile being visible, which may turn beneficial for the opposition candidates.

Salah Uddin Ripon, Jatiya Party leader Engineer Iqbal Hossain Tapas, National People’s Party (NPP) leader Abdul Hannan Sikder, Md. Asaduzzaman, Mahatab Hossain from Bangladesh Congress will also contest the 12th National polls. Among them, Ripon’s campaign was seen, but the rest were not.

However, the Barisal-6 (Bakerganj) constituency is showing a close fight. Maj Gen Abdul Hafiz Mallik, has become a candidate for the upcoming national election from the Barishal-6 constituency from Awami League.  Presidium member of Jatiya Party Nasreen Jahan Ratna is competing with AL candidate. Garment businessman and President of Upazila Awami League Shamsul Alam Chunnu challenged Mallik.

In Barisal-3 (Babuganj-Muladi) constituency, the candidate from the alliance has been given to the current member of Parliament, Jatiya Party presidium member Golam Kibria Tipu. Because of this, Sardar Khalid Hossain, the candidate of the Awami League withdrew his nomination. Babuganj Awami League executive member Atiqur Rahman Atiq is contesting with Tipu as an independent candidate. In this constituency, the local people are watching the battle between independent Atiq and the candidate of the alliance.

Barisal-2 (Ujirpur-Banaripara): Bangladesh Workers’ Party President Rashed Khan Menon will run in the upcoming national election from Barishal-2 (Ujirpur and Banaripara). He will participate in the election with the boat symbol. Because of this, the candidate for the boat Advocate Talukdar Md. Yunus withdrew the nomination. At present Awami League leaders and activists of two upazilas are working for Menon.

But problems have arisen with two independent candidates. They are three-time Member of Parliament Monirul Islam Moni and Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque’s grandson AK Faizul Haque Raju. Moreover, musician Nakul Kumar Biswas is also in the election race.