5:16 pm - Monday May 23, 7340

Most US retailers refuse aid to Bangladesh factory victims

Most United States retailers, who sold garments manufactured in devastated Bangladesh’s RanaPlaza factory and Tazreen factory, have refused to join an effort to compensate the families of more than 1,200 workers who died in the factory fire.

ranaplazaNone of the American companies, neither Walmart, Sears, Children’s Place, nor any other company has agreed to contribute to the efforts of creating compensation funds for the victims’ families, even after one year of the incident, the New York Times reports.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) is working with Bangladeshi officials, labor groups and several retailers to create compensation funds to assist the families of the dead, and also those 1,800 workers who were injured in the incidents, the report added.

Only a handful of retailers, led by Primark and C and A, are involved in getting long-term compensation funds for the victims’ families.