Voice market becoming sluggish: Robi CEO

The outgoing Managing Director and Chief Executive officer (CEO) of cellular phone operator Rob,i Michael Kuehner said, the voice market of the country is becoming sluggish, as the data market is booming.

”Voice revenue becoming flatter where as the data market growth is really very fast in Bangladesh.. Currently data growth is really fast in the country and we are optimistic about it,” said Kuehner while he met with Telecom Reporters’ network Bangladesh (TRNB) at his office, reports BSS.

Michael KuehnerMichael Kuehner who worked here in the country four and half years as the CEO of Robi is going to retirement this month.

”Though lots of problem in politics and other areas, people of the country must be salute for their resilience…they continue 6 percent GDP growth having the problems,” the Robi CEO added who is also serving as the chairman of the Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB).

He termed the telecom market as the highest taxation sector in the country while it also the lowest revenue market; and it was challenging for the telcos.

”My focus was not in revenue or the numbers though it was important, but I concentrate in the culture.”

Under his leadership Robi become the second largest operator in the country in terms of revenue and now making profit. During his tenure, the operator moved forward by changing the brand name Robi from AKTEL.