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Why 2015 such a blockbuster year for film?

Jurassic World has been smashing box-office records. On Monday it became the fastest film to make $1bn at the global box office – a feat that took just 13 days – and $511m of that came in its opening weekend, making it the highest global opener ever.

“Jurassic World took everyone by surprise,” says Keith Symonton, senior film editor at the Internet _83890828_motorbike976Movie Data Base (IMDB).

“Universal estimated that it was going to make half what it did domestically. For it to end up where it did took almost everyone unawares.”

It’s been a phenomenal six months for blockbusters, with Avengers; Age of Ultron and Fast and Furious 7 also breaking the $1bn barrier – an achievement that was almost unheard of until a few years ago.

The average US cinema ticket costs $8.17. That’s almost double what it would have cost to see the first of the Jurassic series, Jurassic Park, on its release in 1993.

Adjusting for inflation, Jurassic World was actually only the third-biggest film, in terms of box office takings on its opening weekend, according to movie budget experts at the-numbers.com.

In second place is Spider-Man 3, which took $382m internationally when it opened in 2007, the equivalent of about $543m today.

The top spot goes to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. This, the final Potter film, took $483m in its opening weekend in 2011, equivalent to $554m today.