I will take legal actions against GP: Fahim

For past few days a three and a half minutes video clip by Grameenphone (GP) has marked as a significant popularity among the Bangladeshi people around the world. The music video is based upon the International Mother Language Day, titled “Bishwa Gaibe Bangla Vashar Gaan“.


The song played in the video is the legendary composition of “Amar Bhaiyer Rokte Rangano, Ekushey February….“, song written by Abdul Gaffar Choudhury to mark the Bengali Language Movement in East Pakistan in 1952. The significance of the video is that it showed several languages being sang in that similar tune, translating the exact words of the song.

However, the music used as the background has put up a huge controversy in the social media. The music played in the song was actually composed by a young talented instrumentalist, Mahaan Fahim, who has gained popularity among underground crowd for his exceptional finger-style guitar playing which comprises famous compositions around the world. He has covered numerous tracks simply with an acoustic guitar and received huge appreciation from people.

What’s the controversy on? Mahaan posted in his Facebook account that Grameenphone has neither taken any permission nor gave him credit for the music used. Being the composer of that music he has all the rights to seek courtesy which Grameenphone, the leading telecom company in the country, has not done.

Mahaan added, “All I am doing is not for money. Its all about getting the respect and credit for my work. Even if they offer me Tk 1 million I am not going to sell it to them. I am a professional musician but I never sell my songs or tracks. ”

I seek apologies from Grameenphone not money and want my credit with the video that they released,” Mahaan Fahim said in Facebook.

The song was earlier released on a TV show named ‘Ekushey Music Lab”. Mahaan also claimed “Grameenphone could have contacted me easily, I wouldn’t have mind to provide them my song, but along with my credit.”

At a time when Bangladesh music industry is severely suffering and battling piracy, an organization like Grameenphone has done such a naive act.

Indeed Grameenphone is branding itself among the people with a very good motive signifying the International Mother Language Day, but is this a proper way not to give the respect to the composer of the song? What loss would Grameenphone make if they credited this musician. This would influence him as well as the other youngsters of the country who put a lot of effort to create good music.

“I urge the people to support me in this journey as I’m trying to conquer piracy. All I want is apology from Grameenphone and the proper courtesy of my composition. If they don’t respond me within a week, I’m going to take legal actions against them.”

News Source : Priyo See: Mahaan Fahim’s Facebook Page