Without an appointment no picture -Mahi

An appointment is a must to see actress Mahi. Without an appointment, no picture lest an interview, will be allowed. The newcomer is behaving with pride towards the journalist. There is uproar in the media.

mahi-300Mahi hasn’t even crossed her childhood in the acting world. 5 October 2011 saw her first debut “Bhalobashar Rong” (Color of Love). Then she was cast in a few more films of the same production house.

The responses to her films were good enough. This has filled her head up with air.

While on a shoot on last Sunday, Mahi acted up with the journalists. On the other hand, stars like Ananta, Barsha, Bobby, Simon were perfectly polite and friendly.

When approached, she scoffed at the journalists saying, “No matter how big of a journalist you are; you cannot talk to me or take my pictures without prior appointment.”

The journalists have been left stunned at her attitude. Even a few film makers are complaining about her.

An anonymous source stated, “These days, to become an actress, all you need is a godfather. So these new kids have no manners.”

Mahi has been cast only for a particular production house. According to all the people around her, if she keeps this kind of attitude up, her future is dark.