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10 years of Xpress Money in Bangladesh

Xpress Money, the world’s most dependable money transfer brand, has successfully completed 10 years of service in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2003, the remittance service provider is playing a very important role in the Bangladesh remittance industry, with a share of around 10% in the organized market. Xpress Money has become one of the leading foreign remittance players in Bangladesh by significantly contributing to the remittance industry, year on year.

Xpress-MoneyIn these ten years Xpress Money as a brand, expanded its footprint in 64 districts and across all the Union Parisad levels in Bangladesh by collaborating with 32 leading banks, NGOs, financial institutions and cellular service providers. The brand has increased its presence by over 600 percent since its launch and currently has a strong network of over 11500 agent locations across the country. In the past decade, Xpress Money has offered a plethora of services to its customers, catering to different customer needs and requirements. Apart from the traditional Cash to Cash service, Xpress Money has been a pioneer in introducing various products & services like Cash to Card/ ATM, Cash to Account and Cash to Mobile, enabling customers to receive money in the fastest and most secure manner. Xpress Money customers remitting money from KSA also get an additional benefit of a free life insurance cover- a value add that no other international money transfer operator provides.

Talking about this milestone, Shamim Iftakhar, Country Manager – Bangladesh, Xpress Money said, “Xpress Money’s ten-year success story reflects our idea of facilitating migrants to send remittances legally, in a simple, fast and safe way by providing attractive exchange rates. We are grateful to all our stakeholders and business partners for their continuous support which helped us reach this milestone. We will consistently strive to expand our business so that we can serve more customers by driving the brand philosophy of ‘Bringing Home Closer’.”

Xpress Money is currently present in over 150 countries and aims to be present in all countries across the globe by the end of 2015. The brand has a robust expansion plan in place for Bangladesh and aims to achieve newer milestones in the country over the next few years.