Xpress Money launches ‘Any Bank Account Credit’ service

Xpress Money, the world’s most dependable money transfer brand has announced a strategic extension of its services with Bank Asia, to offer ‘Any Bank Account Credit’ service to its Bangladeshi customers.

Xpress Money’s ‘Any Bank Account Credit’ service with Bank Asia will provide beneficiaries an access to their funds sent to any branch of any scheduled or specialized bank in Bangladesh, within 48 hours from the time the remitter completes the transaction. This service is routed through Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network (BEFTN), a payment solution provided by Central Bank of Bangladesh. Xpress Money is the first amongst the international money transfer operators to introduce this service in Bangladesh. The service does not levy any back-end charges to customers.

Xpress-MoneySpeaking on the launch on Wednesday, Shamim Iftakhar, Country Manager – Bangladesh, Xpress Money, said, “We are pleased to introduce the ‘Any Bank Account Credit’ service with Bank Asia that would enhance the Direct Account Credit service in Bangladesh. This unique service will boost the savings culture amongst Bangladeshis as the remittances are directly credited to their savings account with any bank in Bangladesh. Bangladesh being a critical market for Xpress Money, it is essential that we strategically expand our services to attract both white-collared and blue-collared expats.”

Xpress Money offers a bunch of services to address varied customer demands in both develop and developing remittance markets. “We constantly innovate to bring homes closer for the growing expatriate community of Bangladesh,” he added.

About Xpress Money

Xpress Money is a global money transfer brand with a thriving presence in more than 150 countries in 5 continents across 170,000 agent locations. Working towards the goal of

Bringing Home Closer to millions of migrants residing away from their homes, Xpress Money has come to be known as the most dependable international money transfer brand. Xpress Money provides its customers a simple, fast & safe way to transfer money through innovative technology, superior customer service and its extensive worldwide network.