Yash Raj apologises over Gunday

India’s Yash Raj Films (YRF), in response to the ongoing protests in Bangladesh over its film “Gunday” undermining Bangladeshis, as reported in the article titled “Bangladesh condemns Gunday” published in yesterday’s issue of this page — has expressed its regrets over the matter.


The message, posted on the blog of YRF (yrfmovies.blogspot.com) says the YRF team “would like to apologise if any disrespect or hurt has been caused to them (Bangladeshi’s)”, adding that the film “was and is meant to be a fictional work and does not in any way project or disrespect any particular segment of society or persons or a nation.”


“The birth of a country is always steeped in the sacrifices made by its freedom fighters and martyrs and this can never be forgotten. And so was the case with Bangladesh and its people who paid a huge price to attain this freedom.

The history of the sub-continent reflects this and acknowledges the struggle of the people of Bangladesh.

However, ‘Gunday’ was not meant to in any way slight the sacrifices made or to recount the history of the creation of a new nation,” the message adds.

It closes with “If this fictitious story and its telling have in any way upset the sentiments of anybody, we would like to clarify that it was totally inadvertent and it is sincerely further regretted.”

Links to the message were also posted on the Facebook pages of the production house and the film, where thousands of Bangladeshis have thronged over the week — posting a protest memorandum and seeking an apology.

News Source: The Daily Star