5:18 pm - Tuesday June 14, 8310

22-day ban on Hilsa catching from midnight

Considering the breeding season of the national fish Hilsa, the government has imposed a 22-day ban starting October 6 (midnight) on catching, selling, and transporting Hilish to ensure the safe spawning of the fish.

The 22-day ban on catching, selling, hoarding, and transporting people’s favorite Hilsa fish will come into effect from October 6 (midnight) to October 28.

During the Hilish breeding period, a massive combined operation will be conducted at all the fisheries ghats, warehouses, and hat bazaars across the country.

During this time, each fisherman’s family will receive 20kg of rice from the government, under its vulnerable group feeding (VGF) program.

Scientific research has shown that 15 days before and after the full moon in October, Hilsa fish come to the freshwater rivers and estuaries of the Bay of Bengal to lay their eggs. That is why, like in previous years, to protect mother Hilsa, all types of fishing will be stopped at this time of the year.