ACI mini combine harvester

ACI Motors has come up with a solution of this problem with ACI Mini Combine Harvester.

Currently labor shortage is the main problem of rice production. It becomes very severe at the time of harvesting season. As a result, farmers have to suffer a lot. We have about 40% of labor shortage at the time of peak harvesting season. So farmers have to spend more money. As a result, farmers are not getting their fair price than the cost of production.

01At the initiative of ACI Motors, they organized ACI Mini Combine Harvester Field Day on 19/11/2016 at Porabari Bus Stand, Salna, Gazipur. Project Director of Department of Agriculture Extension Agriculturalist Sheikh Mohammad Nazim Uddin, Deputy Project Director Agriculturast Md. Shofikul Islam Sheikh, Member Director of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council Md. Sultan, Chief Scientific Officer of BRRI Abdur Rahman, Chief Scientific Officer of BARI Md. Aiyub Hossain, Chief Business Officer of ACI Motors Ltd. Subrata Ranjan Das and other prominent persons were present at that program. In this field day the use of ACI Mini Combine Harvester is shown successfully. By using this Harvester labor-saving will be 80%, time saving will be 60% and cost saving will be 69%. If government provides subsidy on this Harvester then it will create a huge response among farmers level. Farmers won’t have to worry about the labor crisis. The cost of rice production will be reduced. Farmer will get his fair price for his labor. As a result Bangladesh will be wealthy in agriculture and it will take Digital Bangladesh a step ahead.


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