15pc ADP implementation in July-Oct

The progress  in implementation of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) except for the self-financed projects in the first four months (July-October) of current fiscal (2013-14) was 15 percent compared to 20 percent during the same period of the previous fiscal (2012-13).

According to the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), the ADP expenditure during the four-month period except for the self-financed projects was Tk 9,906 crore compared to Tk 10,920 crore during the corresponding period of fiscal 2012-13. The ADP size except for the self-financed projects in the current fiscal (FY14) is Tk 65,872 crore.

In case of the self-financed projects, the implementation rate marked 6 percent with Tk 461 crore spent during the July-October of FY14, reports UNB.

Courtesy: The Daily Star

Of the total ADP expenditure except for the self-financed projects during the four-month period, the share of project assistance was Tk 2,754 crore (11 percent) as against Tk 3,836 crore (18 percent) during the same period of the previous fiscal (FY13). The share of the local funding was Tk 7,153 crore (17 percent).

About Tk 12,254 crore, 30 percent of the allocation, was released during the July-October period. The size of the overall ADP allocation in the current fiscal is Tk 73,984 crore including Tk 8,112 crore for the self-financed projects.

The IMED figures showed that the Ministries of Women and Children’s Affairs, and Science and Technology achieved the highest implementation rate of 36 percent each while the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the lowest 0 percent each during the four-month period.

The utilisation rate of top 10 ministries and divisions during the July-October period of 2013-14 fiscal were Tk 7,997.31 crore in expenditure.

Among the top ministries and divisions, the Local Government Division made the highest expenditure of Tk 2,603.52 crore (24 percent) followed by the Power Division Tk 694.58 crore (8 percent).

Primary and Mass Education Ministry achieved implementation progress of 26 percent (Tk 1,351.09 crore); Health and Family Welfare Ministry 13 percent (Tk 448.40 crore); Ministry of Railways 21 percent (Tk 759.59 crore); Roads Division 16 percent (Tk 504.16 crore); Ministry of Education 21 percent (Tk 606.28 crore); and Energy and Mineral Resources Division 15 percent (Tk 663.01 crore).

The implementation status of other ministries and divisions for the July-October period of current fiscal were as follows:

Ministry of Religious Affairs (32 percent); Ministry of Commerce (31 percent); Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication (29 percent); Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (28 percent); Rural Development and Cooperatives Division (26 percent); Supreme Court and Economic Relations Division (ERD) 24 percent each; Law and Justice Division, and Finance Division (23 percent each); Ministries of Fisheries and Livestock. and Labour and Employment (22 percent each); Ministries of Textiles and Jute, and Youth and Sports (21 percent each), Ministries of Civil Aviation and Tourism, and Agriculture (19 percent each); and Ministry of Home Affairs, and Parliament Secretariat (17 percent each)

The RADP implementation rate of last fiscal year (2012-13) except for the self-financed projects reached 96 percent as the expenditure totaled Tk 50,026 crore out of the overall ADP allocation of Tk 57,388 crore.

Of the total RADP expenditure of Tk 50,026 crore in the last fiscal, the expenditure from local fund amounted to Tk 33,217 crore, which was two percent higher than the fiscal’s implementation rate.

On the other hand, the expenditure from project assistance totalled Tk 16,809 crore which was 5 percent lower than the fiscal’s implementation rate.

The RADP implementation rate in the 2011-12 fiscal reached 93 percent with expenditure totaling Tk 38,023 crore out of the RADP allocation of Tk 41,080 crore.


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