Annual Branch Confce of Prime Ins held

The Annual Branch Conference- 2016 of one of the leading general insurance company, Prime Insurance Company Ltd. was held recently at Arronno Bash Resort, Pubail, Gazipur.

The Chief Executive Officer Ms. Mohammodi Khanam Presided over the Conference.     Mr. Md Annual ConferenceZakiullah Shahid, Chairman of the Company was the Chief Guest of the conference. Company’s Vice Chairman Ms. Nazma Haque, Director Mr. Abu Hasan Khan; Group Chairman of Bangla Trac Mr. Aminul Haque and Deputy Managing Director & Head of Operation Syed Monirul Huq; All Branch Heads, Departmental Heads, Marketing Executives were present in the conference.

Ms. Mohammodi Khanam, CEO of the Company showed the business summary of the year 2016 through power point presentation. She advised all to give emphasis for quality business. She expresses her gratitude to all for their service & hard work. Finally, she declared the target for the year 2017.