5:16 pm - Thursday May 23, 6565

Badi beats up two AL leaders

At a Teknaf Municipal Awami League extended meeting, Abdur Rahman Badi and his brother Abdus Shukkur savaged two leaders in front of district leaders

At a Teknaf Municipal Awami League extended meeting, former MP Abdur Rahman Badi and his brother Abdus Shukkur savaged two Awami League leaders in front of district leaders. They were beaten for opposing Badi.

The thrashing was captured on camera by Raja Shah Alam, vice-president of the district Awami League and leader of the Ukhia-Teknaf organising committee. The incident took place on  Friday, before Iftar, at a Teknaf Municipal Awami League extended meeting (April 22).

The Teknaf Municipal Awami League’s Vice President was defeated. Former MP Badi is Yusuf Manu’s cousin. He stated that throughout the extended meeting, the former MP kept mentioning the Badi Municipal Committee and the Ward Committee. I, as vice-president of the Municipal Awami League, objected to his comments. The victim mentioned that Badi walked off the stage, called his mercenaries, and began pounding me. Badi and his gang also beat up Yusuf Bhutto, the joint secretary who rescued me. Both he and Bhutto were being treated for injuries, he added.

Jabed Iqbal Chowdhury, the president of the Teknaf Municipal Awami League, said that a meeting with the leaders of the district organising teams will be held on Friday. Shah Alam Raja, the vice-president of the party, agreed. of the district Awami League, Yunus Bangali, Upazila President Master Jahed Hossain, General Secretary Nurul Bashar, and other district-Upazila-municipal Awami League leaders. He acknowledged that a terrible incident occurred at that time.

Teknaf Upazila Awami League general secretary Nurul Bashar said the Teknaf Municipal Awami League committee was formed 13 years ago. Under them, 9 ward committees have been formed for more than 2 years. None of the ward committees has been completed. As a result, the leaders and workers are sceptical about holding a conference with this committee. In the extended meeting, the demand for the conference was raised by the conference preparation committee. In a fit of rage, MP Badi, his brother Shukkur, and two other leaders were beaten.

Asked about this, District Organizing Team Leader (Ukhia-Teknaf) Shah Alam Raja said the meeting ended peacefully. He mentioned that I don’t know if anything happened outside.  Attempts to contact former Ukhia Teknaf MP Abdur Rahman Badi were unsuccessful.