Bangla cuisine at Authentic Kabab in addition to regular menu

Bengali foods and meals in daily selection of tastes with attractive offer

A beautiful restaurant started On 6 September 2019 in a dream of reaching the sky. A place to create moments and love. Authentic Kabab Express is not just a regular restaurant, it’s a piece of art. Authentic Kabab Express is well known for its mouthwatering food and pleasant service, explains Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan. 

It is now growing to become a loving brand. We receive so much love and appreciation from this platform that we are always up to coming up with new and different food items to touch your tastebuds. It is open everyday offering dining, take away and catering services. Finely tuned beside kabab with a rich variety of mouthwatering and relaxing Bangaliana dishes at reasonable prices. Bangalis always love desi food. Moreover, on set menus you will be available to taste 30 types of lentils, vegetables, meat, fishes and desserts. They have different set menus around the week, but special items Biriyani such as kacchi, Morog polao, Teheri etc is offered on Friday. Have our tasteful mouth -watering Biriyani as your favorite lunch. We are hoping you will show the same love to our newest addition like you showed to the others. Happy lunch.Biriyani is a royal treat. The menu takes into mind Dhaka cites’ versatile tastes and preferences and hence, caters to a plethora of biriyani lovers. Authentic kabab express offers a portal to a calm and more serene experience where you can enjoy yourself or with family/friends, away from the daily workload, that too in one of Dhaka’s busiest junctions. Spacious, friendly, and along with good food, the Authentic kabab express helps to eke out a sense of belonging and relaxation at any time of the day.

The lovers of Bangaliana food trickle into the Authentic Kabab Express at about 12 pm. At the door itself the aroma of Bangla Cuisine spices greets one’s nose; promising a whole range of pleasures and a full belly. In addition to the aroma of the spices, the aroma of Banglalis incense bids the eager eaters welcome. The smart waiter at the door greets his patrons with a toothy smile and takes them to their tables.

Amazing news for the food lover of Dhaka cities –

Authentic kabab Express is now officially available for catering service from 1st November. So, what you are waiting for? Bless your tummy with more yummy food and hygienic delivered at your doorstep. Meal can now be ordered via Foodpanda, HungryNaki, Pathao food, Shohoz food, efood and evaly. On the other hand for home delivery you can also contact directly at 028836788, 01312023020. Happy ordering. Life’s a party, eat like it.

Planning for a perfect Wedding,Birthday and Anniversary ?Authentic Kabab Express promises to give you an incredible and flawless experience.Authentic kabab Express has the best indoor and outdoor place for your special occasion with absolutely amazing rooftop/upper rooftop view that you cannot stop yourself from admire of it. The most supreme part was their behaviour. All behave like kinda family. They served us cordially. Special days need a special place for celebration, a place for happiness, a place for serenity. The beauty of a moonlit night at the yard of Authentic Kabab Express is beyond description. You can also come over and enjoy Rainy day. Authentic kabab Express space is free for your special occasion. Bring smiles for every moment of your special day. Have a wonderful time and arrangement for your special day. May your special day brings you all that your heart desires.

Do you miss our Music Nights? Authentic Kabab Express is waiting for sharing a relaxing unplugged music to cheer you during this pandemic situation. Imagine cold breeze,a cold sip of Faluda and music altogether at Authentic Kabab Express.

A night to remember at Authentic Kabab Express as its better to light candle on your special day. Authentic Kabab Express offers Candle lit dinner at the beautiful rooftop/upper top to celebrate your special day. A view like no other. Moreover, Authentic Kabab Express is offering you a place where you can enjoy the sky light with yummy food aroma.

Md. Nawsadul Hassan Sazu, the Chairman of Authentic Kabab Express, is a renowned and successful business man. Some of his other businesses include Face Wash (Men’s Grooming Salon), Managing director of Galaxy Group,Sneakers’ World, etc. Moreover, he has a very kind, social and amiable personality who has contributed towards many charities and social welfare organisations. All his hardships, dedications and devotions in life has paid off, turning him into a live inspiration for the upcoming young generation.

Some people just visit Authentic Kabab Express ,and some make it their home. The team of Authentic Kabab Express said “We are very grateful for the love and support. We really appreciate it from the heart. We can’t wait to see you all at Authentic Kabab Express. The love and warmth from you all is what moves us moving forward. keep visiting Authentic Kabab Express for amazing moments with your friends, family and beloved. Please keep us in your prayer. Still a long way to go”.

Best sky view in Dhaka? You feel like touching the sky yourself. Then Authentic Kabab Express is welcoming you to come over their place because Authentic kabab Express is the perfect ambience and also has the amazing top view of Dhaka city. Moreover, if you want to experience light cold air with cloudy sky these days, I would say, Authentic Kabab Express is the perfect place for that. There are many rooftop restaurants in Dhaka,but there are hardly any restaurants as beautiful as Authentic Kabab Express. You will enjoy an escape from busy city life and cherish moments. Furthermore, when you go there ,a freshness comes to your mind. Love is in the air when candlelit and moonlit comes together. Enjoy a moonlit dinner at Authentic Kabab Express with your beloved. Happiness is enjoying a amazing view at Authentic Kabab Express. Have you tried yet?

Let’s talk about food this time-

If the taste and quality of food in the restaurant is not good, so no matter how beautiful the restaurant is, you won’t usually want to go there a second time. However, the Authentic Kabab Express has kept the beauty of their restaurant as well as the quality of the food good enough. I took their biriyani. It was good to eat, the biriyani was fresh and mouthwatering. So well-made your parents would approve when you bring it home for them. All in all, I like the food. You will regret unless you try their delicious and yummy food.

We know you love Authentic Kabab Express meals as much as you love the place. We have listened to your desire. A Cold sip of freshly, sweet faluda with a moonlit city view like no other. All you need for a perfect gate – away from busy city life. A lovely place to hangout when you need to have a pleaceful time. May your life be as sweet as Faluda.

Dear Facebook lover join our facebook page www. facebook. com/authentickababexpress for exciting offers and to feature your favourite photo at Authentic Kabab Express. website:www. authentickabab. com

I went to Authentic Kabab Express several times. Food was very delicious. Oh I really fall in love with Authentic Kabab Express when its twilight, come floating into life, not to carry rain or storm ,but to add color to sunset sky.

There is the mandatory social distancing rule of Authentic Kabab Express for everyone maintaining a 3 – feet from each other, with cleanliness maintained to the highest degree in all spheres. Distancing is advised when sharing a table while having a meal. Everything remains sanitized and cleaned after every check in and check out so that the Authentic kabab Express offers you maximum comfort and reliance when dining. In addition to this, customers will be required to use hand sanitizers before entering as well as eating. Actively monitored to ensure the best service is provided in terms of taste, comfort and hygienic, this Authentic Kabab Express surely deserves a visit. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

There are some vital information to follow for the customers such as:

1) All prices are inclusive of service charge and exclusive of 15% Vat.

2) All meals are cooked on order, customers are requested to be patient.

3) We avoid wifi because of staff and customers’ concentration.

4) Kindly note, price may change without any prior notice.

5) Seasonal items are subject to viability.

6) For any assistance or complain, please use the box (visiting card required if have)

Every living thing in the world depends on food for its existence. The eatery uses the highest quality ingredients. It follows very strict hygiene standards to ensure its patrons’ and personnel’s safety.. Ever caught a thunder view from Authentic Kabab Express if you haven’t caught yet, visit Authentic Kabab Express outlet at Banani, (House # 115,Road # 13 ,Block E, Dhaka 1213 ) please do not hesitate to contact for further query if any:028836788,01312023020,01711957643.

Authentic kabab Express loves feeding people. Everyday, the remaining food is distributed among poor and needy people. Thus, our restaurant is contributing to reduce poverty. We love the joys in people’s eyes when they taste something they love. Which is why we are helping out by doing something we love; donating to charities who are helping to feed people who have been unable to make ends meet. A portion of our profit will be contributed to take care of the underprivileged children’s and poor people. Let us all feed the unfed. Help those who need it most.

(by Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan. E-mail:


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