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Shahriar Islam Shovon

Bangla cuisine at Authentic Kabab in addition to regular menu

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A beautiful restaurant started On 6 September 2019 in a dream of reaching the sky. A place to create moments and love. Authentic Kabab Express is not just a regular restaurant, it's a piece of art. Authentic Kabab Express is well known for its mouthwatering food and pleasant service, explains Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan. 

It is now growing to become a loving brand. We receiv...

Entertain yourself in spare time

Coronavirus or Covid - 19 sweeps across the globe consequently,with the Corona lock - down in effect,dwellers of the city are mostly keeping to their homes persist to obstruct the virus expansion. [caption id="attachment_28114" align="alignright" width="227"] Ramisa Maliha[/caption] In addition to this,since spare time is precious so,utilizing the spare time at home has become an urgent issue.While it may be disappointing that sports events,movie screenings ,major festivals and even wedding ceremonies of ...