Bangladeshi woman rescued from force prostitution in Delhi  

Rescued from a brothel at G.B. Road here and sent to Nirmal Chhaya, a Bangladeshi woman will now be escorted to her village and united with her family by the Delhi Police on the orders of a Delhi court. Earlier the Bangladesh Embassy had failed to verify her address when she insisted on going back home.

The court order came after the Nirmal Chhaya welfare officer told the judge that the victim was breaking things at the shelter home as she wanted to return home.

torture womenDespite repeated requests, the Bangladesh Embassy did not return a verification report on her residential address after which the court directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) to depute a sub-inspector to escort her and verify her family members before handing her over to them.

“Since the prosecutrix is above 18 years of age, there is no ground whatsoever to retain her or direct her to remain in Nirmal Chhaya,” said Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja, who presides over a fast-track court trying cases of sexual offences against women.

Noting that Nirmal Chhaya officials have also failed to produce any court order under which they have detained till date the victim at the women’s shelter home, the court said: “Accordingly, I see no reason to keep her at Nirmal Chhaya any further. It is expedient in the interest of justice that she is permitted to return to her house.”

However, the court was aware of the prosecution’s concern that the victim may not appear at the time when her testimony is required to be recorded, more particularly when her address in Bangladesh is still not verified.

At this the court directed the police to escort her to her house in Bangladesh. “It is directed that the DCP (Central) shall depute an officer not below the rank of sub-inspector who will escort the prosecutrix to her house in Bangladesh. Before handing over the custody of prosecutrix to her family members, he will duly verify about the residential address and family members of the prosecutrix. He will also contact the local police who may also be requested to ensure that in case of any change of address of the victim, the same is brought to the notice of the DCP (Central) who shall intimate this court accordingly,” the court ordered.

The girl was rescued by the Delhi Police during a raid at the brothel.

Of all the women working there, the victim was the only one who said she wanted to go back home.

The court also directed the DCP (Central) to coordinate with the Bangladesh Embassy and the Ministry of External Affairs, if required, for compliance of the order.

 -The Hindu