5:16 pm - Tuesday May 24, 8991

BMD’s forecast predicts rain likely on Eid day

BMD’s forecast predicts that rain will fall in the northern divisions, which includes the capital Dhaka, this weekend. The rain, on the other hand, will not linger more than 30 minutes, and even if it does rain, the temperature will not drop.

People are going home, and there are a variety of preparations for Eid, beginning with a trip to the market. The sole desire is to be able to celebrate the pleasure of Eid with family members after two years. The weather, on the other hand, remains a source of worry. Weather forecasters predict that rain will be rare in Chittagong, Barisal, and Khulna but that it will be more likely in North Bengal and the surrounding areas. It is probable that it will rain on their day as well as the next day.

While rain is not expected in Dhaka on Eid, there is a chance of rain in the divisional districts around the city.