BNPS representative visits girls club in Bandarban

Sanjoy Majumder, Project Manager, OLHF Project, Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS) visited the Girls Club of Our Lives, Our Health, Our Futures (OLHF) project. Also present on the occasion were Dawnai Prue Naly, Executive Director, Ananya Kallyan Sanghathon (AKS), Sumit Banik, Master Trainer, BNPS, Myamesing Marma, Project Coordinator, AKS, Yeisanu Marma, Trainer cum Program Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Uswehla Marma and Para Karbari, Club presidents, club mentors, club members, and their guardians.

On Sunday (September 20) at 10 am, the girl’s members of the Talukdar Para of Bandarban Sadar Union greeted the guests with flowers. Project Coordinator Myamesing Marma facilitated the discussion meeting organized at the club. AKS Executive Director Dawnai Prue Naly presided the meeting. She said in her speech, ‘AKS has been working in this Talukdarpara for a long time. I have coalescence with the people of this area. We want to bring a sustainable change in the lives of adolescent girls and young women in this area through this project. For this, you all need sincere participation. Because it is not possible to bring our desired change only the participation of adolescent girls and young women. Ultimately success of any social initiative need to cordial sincerity and sympathy of all. We believe that it is not possible to achieve all kinds of social welfare with money. In many cases, our girls are still victims of various forms of violence. This delicate situation needs to end. Moreover, menstruation is not a matter of shame for a woman. In addition to eating nutritious food during menstruation, the materials used must be healthy and safe. This is because the use of unhealthy materials only during menstruation can endanger a woman’s life. Through this girls club, adolescent girls and young women will have the opportunity to develop holistically. In this case, everyone has to play a role in creating a supportive environment for the latent talents and mental development of their minds. And through this, leadership qualities will develop in them, and they will become worthy people of the future.

In his concluding remarks, Chief Guest Project Manager, Sanjoy Majumder said, `BNPS has been working in this CHT region for a long time and under this project, we will be functioning 300 girls club for adolescent girls and young women in three hill districts to improve their life skills and health consciousness. As a result, they will be empowered to make important decisions in their lives and health. ‘s

With this, the chief guest announced the official end of the meeting. At the end of the discussion session, the contract of the club was signed with respective parties and at the end; the member of girls club performed a dance of pleasant traditional culture.