5:18 pm - Tuesday June 14, 1639

BRACU holds seminar on Positive Parenting Skills  

To promote and convey the importance of Positive Parenting Skills, BRAC University Counseling Unit organized a seminar on “Positive Parenting Skills” with the parents of students of BRAC University on Saturday, (May 03, 2014) at the university auditorium.

The objectives of the seminar were to help parents to develop, skills related to positive parenting, identify the characteristics of adolescent period, explain types of parenting, find out the characteristics of successful parents,  explore the relationship with children, and finally to understand self-ability in relation to parenting skills. The seminar covered contents like characteristics of adolescent period,  transitional crisis faced by adolescence, different types of parenting styles and characteristics’ of successful parents.

IMG_1977Dr. Riaz Partha Khan, Dean of Student Affairs, greeted the audience and drew an introduction to the seminar. Sumaiya Anwar, Psychosocial Counselor and Lecturer of BRACU described and explained the characteristics of adolescent period and different types of parenting style, highlighting examples with emphasis on the importance of developing positive parenting style.  Renowned psychologist Farida Akhtar, Consultant of Counseling Unit of BRACU facilitated the seminar as moderator. She emphasized upon positive parenting skills and she also explained the characteristics of successful parents. Among others, Joint Registrar, Kumar Murshid attended the session with a good number of faculties and staffs.

One conclusion drawn from these discussions was that individual time spent with a child is an investment for the future. Parents who attended the seminar expressed a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from the information delivered.

It is worth mentioning that BRACU Counseling Unit aims to support an environment that fosters personal growth, development, and psychological wellbeing of students, faculty members and staffs through direct counseling service, education, and prevention.