Carmudi gives out Iftar for every plate

Bangladesh being a country subsuming a population of over 160 million, is majorly tilted towards poverty with a rate of 24.7%, where over 76% of the total population is living under $2. All these underprivileged people need a hand from the other portion of the population way above the poverty line and Ramadan is the ideal time to start this practice of aiding for anyone who can make such a difference.

IMG_6861Carmudi, the leading online car classified of Bangladesh, organized an iftar giveaway program observing this holy month of Ramadan. The prime targets of the event were underprivileged people, street children and the rickshaw-pullers around the city.

For this occasion, over 250 packets of food and bottled juice were distributed among the needy and the contribution was made by all the employees of both Carmudi Dhaka and Chittagong teams and by the Country Manager, Joao Pedro Principe as well.

“All of us at are extremely grateful for everything Bangladesh has given us and wanted to give back to society – finding Rickshaw Wallas and street children the perfect recipients for our retribution to society. It was an extremely rewarding experience and I can’t thank all the Carmudi team enough for coming up with and making the initiative happen”, said Joao Pedro Principe, Country Manager of Carmudi Bangladesh.

The distribution was carried out along the Banani and Gulshan areas of the capital starting from late afternoon till Iftar time. Pedro himself was present handing out the iftar boxes to the needy.

The objective of the whole endeavor was to share the joy of a filling meal at iftar, which many are blessed to have every day while a great portion of the people in our country are deprived of.

A unique step of the iftar giveaway program was to give out food to about 140 rickshaw-pullers and raise awareness throughout our society for how they deserve more, as they are not usually included in such initiatives. Carmudi, being an online car classified, thinks these rickshaw pullers, casually referred as “the men on wheels of our country”, serve us with one of the main mode of transportation in Bangladesh and receive quite less end of a day concluded with immense hard work and a very low income. Carmudi always seeks a way to give back to the community and giving some more to these rickshaw pullers during this Ramadan, being the month of giving and generosity seemed as the perfect window to do that.

“Every day is a hard day for us with very low income. I do not get the opportunity to have a proper iftar meal end of the day. I am very happy that Carmudi thought about us and gave us iftar”, said Kalam, a rickshaw puller near Gulshan 1.

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