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Smart, sustainable cars on priorities for quality air

Auto manufacturers have shifted their priorities to not only meet emissions standards, but also to keep up with government policies to improve air quality in each country. Fuel efficient cars have not yet caught on in developing markets as fast as they have in Western markets but there is a slow, apparent change of car buyers going green globally. Carmudi analyzed millions of listings on the company’s car classifieds website, and the data shows that auto demand worldwide, including Bangladesh, are shifting towards greener rides. Carmudi found out that in Bangladesh, gas powered car listings grew more than 75 percent this year compared to 2014. On the Carmudi platform, gas powered cars also make up 21.7 percent of all car listings in Bangladesh, where new fuel standards are set to be ...

Midnight online car searches skyrocket

A staggering 80% of new car and almost 100% of used car customers begin their car shopping experience online, enabling buyers to find their dream car at any hour of the day. Carmudi analyzed millions of visits to the company’s car classifieds website, and the data shows that car buyers around the world, including Bangladesh are predominantly searching for cars late at night. car searchLate night car searches is a growing trend with more than 40% of global car buyers now searching for cars between five p.m and midnight. With ecommerce booming, and ...

Carmudi gives out Iftar for every plate

Bangladesh being a country subsuming a population of over 160 million, is majorly tilted towards poverty with a rate of 24.7%, where over 76% of the total population is living under $2. All these underprivileged people need a hand from the other portion of the population way above the poverty line and Ramadan is the ideal time to start this practice of aiding for anyone who can make such a difference. IMG_6861Carmudi, the leading online car classified of Bangladesh, organized an iftar giveaway program observing this holy month of Ramadan. The prime ta...

Tackling rush hour survival in Ramadan

As millions of Muslims in Bangladesh are fasting, daily life and activities change dramatically. Dhaka roads bustle with cars especially during pre-Iftar hours, as people rush to drive back home. With all the hustle and bustle, Carmudi, the leading online car classifieds in Bangladesh, shares tips on how to stay safe on the road during this festive month. Buckle up! Given the flexibility of work hours during Ramadan, it is ideal to leave work early to avoid traffic. Plan a time buffer in case of delays and figure out the best and fastest route to take. Planning the time and distance effectively will truly help you in the long run in avoiding traffic