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Jacket that gives you right directions

M_Id_438870_smart_jacketA smart jacket which has vibrating sleeves to point the wearer in the right direction has been developed. The 'Navigate' jacket comes with an accompanying app that stores destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket with the built-in GPS system. The directions are visualised on the sleeves. LED light lets the wearer know how far they are before the next turn and the current phase of their journey. Vibrations let the wearer know when to turn and in which direction, Mashable r...

Apple and Samsung back in court over patent damages

Apple and Samsung are returning to court in one of the most high-profile patent battles of recent times.

In August 2012, a jury foudownload (1)nd Samsung guilty of infringing six Apple patents and awarded one of the largest payouts of its kind on record. The verdict and $1bn (£626m) awarded in damages were seen as a massive victory for Apple. This is just one of many patent cases the two companies are fighting in courtrooms across the world. In March 2013, a judge re-examined the $1bn awarded to Apple and reduced ...