Census in 165 enclaves begins tomorrow

Census of people living in 162 enclaves now under a process of exchange between India and Bangladesh, is scheduled to begin tomorrow (Monday).

The last census was carried out jointly by Bangladesh and India in 2011.

enclave peopleThe census to be conducted by 75 teams comprising representatives from both the neighbouring countries, will continue until 16 July and the census report would be released on 20 July.

Of the enclaves, 51 Bangladeshi enclaves are located inside Indian territory and 111 Indian enclaves are inside Bangladesh.

In line with the Land Boundary Agreement signed between the two neighbouring countries in 1974, which has come into effect following the recent ratification by India after over 40 years, the enclaves would stand exchanged at midnight past 31 July on a principle that the enclaves would go under the possession of the country inside which territory they are located now.

Twenty-five teams would conduct census in the enclaves in India.

A total of 56 Indian officials have already reached Bangladesh and 36 Bangladeshi officials arrived in India for the purpose of the census.

The census will also count how many children died and how many were born after 2011.

According to the 2011 census, a total of 14,221 Bangladeshis live in the enclaves inside Indian territory while 37,369 Indians stay in the enclaves in Bangladesh.

(Prothom Alo)