4:42 pm - Wednesday January 18, 9961

Christmas carols competition to keep kids away from drugs

MAGIS (Marching and Growing in Solidarity) Bangla, a Jesuit-run youth group, held a singing Christmas carols competition on 13 December in Dhaka with the purpose of teaching children and kids to stay away from all forms of addiction.

BANGLADESH_-_canti_natale_Some 13 groups took part in this year’s edition, which was won by the Francis Xavier School for Girls in Luxmibazarm, an old district in the capital.

Recently, some Christians died, apparently from intoxication, after drinking local wine. In view of this, “We try to discourage young people from all forms of addiction,” MAGIS Bangla co-coordinator Fr Pradeep Perez SJ told AsiaNews.

As part of this effort, “we set up the stage as if it were a bar in order to show the downside of addiction,” Fr Perez explained.

This is the fifth time the group has organised the singing competition. “As times goes by, it becomes more and more popular,” the priest added.

In addition, “We invite the students to write songs for Christmas, and many of them do.”

– by Sumon Corraya