Clarke Energy to supply GE’s diesel engines for Walton

Walton Group has selected Clarke Energy to supply three of GE’s new 616 diesel engines to generate on-site power at Walton Group’s factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

The three 2.5-megawatt (MW) engines are the first 616 diesel engines to be deployed in Bangladesh. Clarke Energy is GE’s authorized multi gas and diesel engine distributor in Bangladesh.

The three diesel engines are expected to provide more reliable power to support factory production in the face of local power grid instability. The diesel units also will deliver waltonsignificant cost savings by both reducing the factory’s consumption of diesel fuel due to higher fuel efficiency and also reducing the amount of lubrication oil used. The reduction in fuel consumption also is expected to deliver considerable carbon dioxide savings per year.

Engr. Alamgir Hossen, assistant director, power generation, Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. Stated, “GE’s 616 diesel engine offers high efficiency with extended spare parts availability. These factors mean reduced operational costs for our business. Clarke Energy also is globally recognized as offering among the highest standards of life cycle services support. This was the combination Walton Group was seeking.”

The Walton Group factory is located 38 kilometers north of the country’s capital city of Dhaka.

“These new high-efficiency GE diesel units will enable significant fuel efficiency levels and reduce operational costs for Walton Group. In parallel, the project will reduce carbon emissions and support consistent plant operations,” said Clarke Energy Managing Director Deodatta Bhishikar.

“We are excited to work with our authorized distributor Clarke Energy to provide Walton Group with our first 616 diesel engines to be installed in Bangladesh as part of our growing portfolio of diesel engine and multi fuel gas solutions that can help industries in Bangladesh improve their energy reliability to boost production capacity,” said Leon van Vuuren, general manager for GE’s Distributed Power business in Bangladesh.

With Clarke Energy providing excellent local project development and life cycle services in Bangladesh, GE continues to rapidly expand its diesel and natural gas engine technology offerings, providing industrial operators needing electricity on or off the grid with reliable, efficient power generated by engines that can run on diesel or a wide variety of fuels, from natural gas and biogas to coal seam gas.

Two of the 616 diesel engines are currently on-site and the third is scheduled to be delivered in March 2016 and will be commissioned in April 2016.