Clashes between BCL-JCD in Dhaka

There were several chases between the two sides outside the gate of the emergency department of Dhaka Medical between 9:30 am, and 10:15 am on Tuesday. At that moment, the BCL and JCD started throwing stones.

According to eyewitnesses, the BCL activists blocked the entrance of the Dhaka University area from the gate of the emergency department of Dhaka Medical at around 9:15 am in front of the central Shaheed Minar.
Chhatra League leaders and activists chased Jagannath Hall and SM Hall of Chhatra League; Chhatra Dal activists took positions outside Dhaka Medical. At this time, both sides started throwing stones. Later the police came and brought him under control.

Saddam Hussein, general secretary of the Dhaka University Chhatra League, told the media: Trying to create chaos on an orderly campus. Today, the students have protested against various provocations of the past few days. We welcome the protest. ”

On the other hand, Dhaka University Chhatra Dal convener Akhter Hossain alleged that the BCL had injured several activists by attacking their procession.