CPD doubts revenue target achievement

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) doubted that the lion part of the target of the revenue earnings projected in the proposed national budget for 2015-16 fiscal may not be achieved.

The think-tank voiced its doubt on Friday at a media briefing organized at capital’s BRAC Centre Inn to give its formal reaction to the national budget placed in parliament on Thursday for the 20105-16 fiscal.

At the briefing, economist and CPD’s distinguished fellow Debapriya Bhattachariya made their presentation on the budget. CPD executive director Mostafizur Rahman placed the welcome speech.

The CPD also thinks that turning the dream the finance minister dreamt in the proposed budget of breaking free of 6 per cent GDP growth trajectory into reality would be difficult if the proposed revenue target is not achieved.

The organisation recommended formation of five commissions in different sectors in the budget.

The CPD said proposing budget for children has been a good thing but it criticized the finance minister for dropping the district budget without any prior announcement.

Finance minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith Thursday proposed Tk 2.95 trillion (Tk 2,95,100 crore) national budget with a deficit of Tk 86,657 crore in parliament.

He sets the target of attaining economic growth at 7 per cent at the end of the 2015-16 fiscal in the wake of the fact that the GDP growth rate was hovering around 6 per cent in last several years.

Courtesy: Prothom Alo