Edison Group’s annual conference held

Recently, the number one smartphone brand Symphony’s parent group Edison’s Annual Conference 2016 was held at Cox’s Bazar.

Chairman of EDISON Group Mr. Aminur Rashid, and Managing Director Mr. Jakaria Shahid, inaugurated the conference.

Chairman of Edison Group, Mr. Aminur Rashid delivery his Precious speech in the Conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Aminur Rashid highlighted that the business targets have been achieved successfully in 2016. According to him, this success was possible for all of the employees of Edison Group.

Managing Director Mr. Jakaria Shahid urged its managers & employees to keep up the spirits to sustain the ongoing progress of the business.

At the conference Edison Cultural Club (ECC) & Souls Band organized a cultural program.

Around 1000 employees of all business units of EDISON Group, SYMPHONY, SIEMENS, Edison Electronics Bangladesh Ltd., EDISON Properties Ltd., and EDISON Communications Ltd., from different corners of Bangladesh, attended the conference.