EU parliament wants to organize EC, urging calm in Bangladesh

The European Parliament (EU parliament) wants the Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) should organise and oversee the next general elections in a fully transparent manner. It called on all groups and individuals in Bangladesh to exercise tolerance and restraint, especially in the lead-up to, during, and after the elections.

EU passed three separate resolutions on Thursday, urging calm in the run-up to elections in Bangladesh and also expressing concern about the situation of migrant workers in Qatar and calling for fair justice in Bolivia.

EU ParliamnetThe Members of European Parliament (MEPs) urges the Bangladesh political parties to refrain from any violence during the electoral process, according to European Parliament media release.

Amid the growing political tension in Bangladesh, a debate was held in the European Parliament at the Louise Weiss, Strasbourg, France on issues including next election, general human rights situation, BDR mutiny trial and ICT trials.

In the proposal, there were calls for formation of a neutral and impartial transitional government that has the confidence of all political parties and the international community to oversee the next crucial election.  The proposal came from the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

Migrant workers in Quatar

The European Parliament is “concerned about the situation of the migrant workers in Qatar” and calls for the speedy adoption of the draft law on domestic workers, currently being debated in the Supreme Council of Family Affairs.

The MEPs called on the Qatari authorities to stop detaining individuals for ”running away” from their employers.

MEPs noteed that at least 500,000 more migrant workers are expected in Qatar to accelerate work in preparation for the 2022 football World Cup there and urge FIFA to send a clear and strong message to Qatar to prevent the preparations for the 2022 football World Cup being overshadowed by allegations of forced labour.

MEPs appealed to the European corporations involved in building stadiums or other infrastructure projects in Qatar to provide working conditions that are in line with international human rights standards.

Fair justice in Bolivia

MEPs called on the Bolivian authorities to ensure a fair and independent trial in the cases of cases of Hungarian citizen Előd Tóásó and Croatian citizen Mario Tadić and carry out an independent investigation, involving international experts, into the deaths of Romanian citizen Árpád Magyarósi, Irish citizen Michael Martin Dwyer and Hungarian citizen Rózsa Flores Eduardo.