Entertain yourself in spare time

Coronavirus or Covid – 19 sweeps across the globe consequently,with the Corona lock – down in effect,dwellers of the city are mostly keeping to their homes persist to obstruct the virus expansion.

Ramisa Maliha

In addition to this,since spare time is precious so,utilizing the spare time at home has become an urgent issue.While it may be disappointing that sports events,movie screenings ,major festivals and even wedding ceremonies of loved ones are being cancelled,in the end,it is all for the greater good.The very minimal vehicle movement in the city has resulted the air quality to improve slowly.Margaret Miller Davidson says “But home,that sacred,pure retreat,where dwells my heart in all that’s sweet…” I feel this is a good time to highlight few methods with you that can help to keep your mind off the presiding tension over the recent crisis.

Humanity has always chased time.To have time we can term as ‘spare’ is indeed a privilege today.As students,we are often consumed with the task of earning on education and of improving ourselves in that direction.Time is spent in school,on tuition and on projects assigned.In addition to this,time is spent on extra – curricular activities.So,where is the spare time that we need so much to lead more fulfilling lives as human beings…?A wise individual will make time.He or she plans his hours wisely so that some spare time is created.That is what I do for I realise that it is very important for us to have the time we can call our own to do what we like best;that can give us the most entertainment as we perceive it,and not as perceived by our peers,teachers,parents or siblings.

Notwithstanding the fact that some spare time is difficult to get,I still use what time I have to spare in a way I perceive would give me the most satisfaction.Now this does not necessarily mean that I plan what I should do in my spare time. Contrary to that,I actually am rather spontaneous in my utilisation of spare time.The idea is for me to feel spiritually happy,free and improved after doing or while doing a certain activity that I enjoy.

That said,I shall now describe what I sometimes do during my spare time.There is a wise saying that goes,”What is in the pot wastes,what is in the mind remains”.I have never shied from the company of a good book.Books give me entertainment more than any other medium that I know of.In books,I am transported into another time zone.I am transported into another human beings.In my point of view,A home without books picture a fearful world of ignorance.Books teach you,refresh you,entertain you,energize you and that’s not where it ends.Your choice of books creates a picture of you to others,reflects your judgements ,represents your culture and defines your personality.Books fit anywhere and enlighten everywhere they go.They are beautiful form of art which decorates your home,and the small empire of books overrides the domination of sounds.Furthermore,Good books affect you and usually make you feel more appreciative of your own humanity.Good books quietly shape your mind,massaging it such that your brain becomes more perceptive to life about you.They afford me with entertainment of untold value.

Besides reading a good book,I like to spend all my free time playing my favourite game – badminton.So,every evening,I make my way to the rooftop and dart about the courts,playing vigorous game of badminton with other friends.The feeling of running about the court and catching the “zing” of each shot,and watching the shuttle – cock flashing across the net,is needed a thrilling experience.There is also skill involved and the craft of trying to trick your opponent into losing the game.All this is pure fun.

My favourite opponent is Sara.With her ,I can play my best.She is full of energy and the chances of my winning or losing to her is about even.We enjoy playing against each – other.When we play in tournaments against other friends,we are a doubles pair.So far,we have always won.Anyway,I play more for the exercise than for the winning.After a good game I come back refreshed and ready to study into the wee hours of the morning.I catch up on my sleep in the afternoons,when it is difficult to concentrate on anything.

Playing badminton is my another spare activity like reading a good book that I can indulge in.I like it especially because it is non – contact.No one can cheat in badminton and there is always a clear way to win or lose.The better player will win ,and there is seldom any dispute.All the players are perfect gentlemen or ladies.This makes it is a pleasure having them as friends and as opponents.

Such then are some of the ways in which I entertain myself during my spare time.Since spare time is so precious,I believe in using it to improve myself constantly as a human being.For me,the experience has been and continues to be thrilling.

By Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan (BBA student)