How to care for coloured hair?

Dola Bose Shuvo

Hair is such a part of your beauty that it can easily be enchanted. You can have a different cut anytime you want, or you can instantly change your hair’s colour. That will change your look in an instant. Today we are focusing on coloured hair, and I will provide you with some tips that you can use to take care of your priciest possession. First of all, think well and do your research if you want to change your hair colour. Does it suit your personality? It matches your profession and surroundings. Not every skin colour is okay with every colour in your hair.
A person with a dark skin tone can quickly go with lighter shades in their hair, while a fair-skinned person should choose something darker. Wisely, choose the salon. If possible, try to go through their previous work and their products. Half of the jobs are done if the right products are used during the service. There is nothing that can replace proper professional assistance. Now about the coloured hair. The lighter shades you go for, the more damage is done to your hair. Coloured hairs are prone to breaking very quickly. It makes your hair damaged and frizzy. It would be best if you took a lot of care of it.

Always use shampoos that are specially made for coloured hair. Never go for cheap products; good things never come cheap. Also, use conditioner regularly; it nourishes your hair. Finally, use a good quality serum on your hair, damp or dry hair. Serum should help us in the hair, not on the scalp.
Another important thing is oil massage. Use oil at the base of your hair, and gently massage oil onto your scalp with your fingertips. Hot towel therapy is one thing that can easily be performed at home. Always buy products from a shop that you can rely on and never miss checking expiry dates and production.

If possible, go for a hair spa, hair treatment, or deep conditioning at least once a month. Drink a lot of water, and don’t expose your coloured hair directly to the sun. Try to cover your hair while you go out in the sun. Take vitamins for your hair, making your hair strong from the inside. Try to use natural shampoos rather than solid chemicals and wash your hair twice a week. Never comb your wet hair. Towel dry first. Try to avoid hair setting spray. Always use a paddle brush with soft bristles. Wooden combs with thick teeth and wider gaps are ideal.

During the rainy season, take more care of your hair as the air contains more moisture than usual. Use a cold blower to dry your hair rather than a hot one. Keep your coloured hair clean and avoid dust, pollution, black smoke, and heat. Try to avoid ironing or curling your hair using a heater. Heat damages coloured hair badly. But still, if you iron or curl your coloured hair, use a heat protection spray first. These are some of the regular tips that you should do at least to take care of your coloured hair. I hope this will help you. Going to the salon is a time-consuming process, and not possible for everyone to bear the expense. No matter what product you use or which salon you go to, carefulness will permanently damage your hair. So you must take care of your hair to keep it healthy.

(The writer Dola Bose Shuvo is an owner of DOLAZ)