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How to care for coloured hair?

Dola Bose Shuvo

Hair is such a part of your beauty that it can easily be enchanted. You can have a different cut anytime you want, or you can instantly change your hair's colour. That will change your look in an instant. Today we are focusing on coloured hair, and I will provide you with some tips that you can use to take care of your priciest possession. First of all, think well and do your research if you want to change your hair colour. Does it suit your personal...

Devaluing currency is a tactic for reducing debt burdens

Currency identifies itself as a medium of exchange for the general public's needs in money form. It is a system of money that depends on the nation and country. It can also be defined as a rotary system influenced by commerce, purchase, and permutation in the economic state. Some existing factors have an impressive sequel to the currency exchange rate, such as inflation, interest rates, public debt, political stability, financial health, the balance of trade, current account deficit, speculation, and government intervention. Those factors impact the exchange rates globally and at a macro level.

By: Syeda...

TikTok has ensnared the younger generation

In these modern times, the world has come closer. And to the greatest extent, social media has taken over every other method of communication. From Facebook to email, digital communication methods are now bound to nothing. However, there is one social media app that is the most controversial of them all: TikTok. Many may argue that this social media service is quite entertaining, but there are some points to raise regarding users and their usage.

By: Kashfikun Nahar Adiba

TikTok is a video-focused social media app. ...

Contribution of transport infrastructure to development

The transport system is basically conceptualised as the conjunction of demand for vehicles with facilities and services. This system denotes the relationship between nodes, networks, and demands. The infrastructure is designed according to passengers’ welfare, safety, and requirements. The transport system is expressly associated with the flow of socioeconomic alterations and ensures public amenities. It is subjected to people’s destinations and pledged to provide safety along with transportation services. Developed countries ensure the safest public transit system as this system deals with freight, trade, export-import business, tourism, and communication.

Dahala Khagrabari!

Dahala Khagrabari is a geopolitical anomaly. It's a piece of India that until very recently was completely surrounded by a piece of Bangladesh, which itself was completely surrounded by India, which was again completely surrounded by Bangladesh. An enclave is a piece of one country's territory which is entirely surrounded by another country's territory, and the India-Bangladesh border was filled with them before 2015, when they were eliminated by a treaty between the two countries. A second-order enclave is an enclave inside an enclave, and the world has a handful of them. But in the history of the world

Raising ducks changes destiny of Hamid Mollah

The Chinese, even the ancient Greeks believed in ducks as companion of fortune. It might have been a simple belief or a taboo, but for Abdul Hamid Mollah of Ullahpara, Sirjganj, raising duck has symbolized his great fortune. His ‘Molla Hatchery’ has become an icon of overcoming his and many villagers’ poverty and bringing a great esteem of earning an enviable livelihood. A ride off 3 kilometer from Ullahpara town and leaving Bhutgacha bus-stand for a little walk, one will smoothly reach his hatchery at Bhutgacha village, because it is now so known to everybody there. ‘Mollah Hatchery’ is equipped and has the expertise to hatch duck chics from 25 to 28 days. “Islami Bank,” testifies Monsur Ali, a villager and an admirer of Hamid, “has totally changed Mollah’s destiny.” In 2011 Hami...
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