5:13 pm - Monday April 18, 9560

Huawei aiming ambitious expand in 2015

Huawei, a leading Chinese telecommunications company, has unveiled its ambitious goals for 2015, following a fruitful year in 2014 with impressive successes such as Huawei Mate7, which achieved over 2 million sales in 100 countries within three months of its launch in May 2014.

huawei-logoThis year, the company kicks off its game with a bang, introducing Huawei P8, the latest smartphone with record-breaking news coverage worldwide after the global launch in London in April 2015.

Huawei willfocus on expanding market share and enhancing brand awareness in overseas market to become a strong and truly international smartphone brand. As of 2014, Huawei’s global brand awareness exceeded 80% in five countries – Myanmar, China, Guatemala Costa Rica, and South Africa.

This year, Huawei is investing in adding distribution channels and retailing worldwide. It has plans to double the scale of overseas retail scale with a target of 39,100 retail branches, including over 890 Huawei brand stores, focusing on delivering quality and quantity across the retail experience.

Global sales revenue this year is expected to achieve US$16 billion, and its global smartphone shipment could achieve 100 million units with 30% of the total shipment coming from high-end tier smartphones, laying the foundation for a leading position in mid-and-high end market. Meanwhile, Honor to expand in more countries with a target sales volume of 40 million units and revenue of US$ 5 billion in 2015.

“This year, we aim at US$ 16 billion in revenue, but it is likely to reach more than US$ 18 billion, maybe even close to US$ 20 billion,” said Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Mr Richard Yu. “The main factor is our high-end products, the volumes of which increase very quickly. After we launched our high-end products such as Huawei Mate7 and P8, we can see that the consumers like our phones. And when people buy it, they like it and recommend to friends. That really helps create our growth.”

Mr Yu is also very optimistic about the Southeast Asian market, where the launch of P8 and Huawei’s wearable devices will be organized soon. “We have just started the intense marketing for Huawei brand in Thailand last year. The market here still definitely follows China or European countries, but we strongly believe that soon we will reach our aims, which is for the total revenue to be doubled. After listening to the presentations of each country, visiting retail shops, and talking to the staff, we are certain that we would be in the satisfying position and would reach the targets very soon.”

In addition to P8, this year, Huawei will also introduce P8 Max, P8Lite and wearable devices. Furthermore, it will continue to build up to 1,500 customer service centres, which will be opened throughout this region. In the near future, Huawei will release acustomer service mobile application and Offer Mail in Service(MIS) inHong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, India and Thailand. Also on in the pipeline is the plan for 1-day repair service for high-end products. These are just a few examples of how Huawei is committed to delivering faster services, more convenience, and a superior experience for its clients, both online and offline.