ITHS Uttara Junior Section organizes year-end function

A delightful cultural show was performed by the Uttara Junior Section students of International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) to mark its year-end function on Saturday at the main campus auditorium of the school.


The show was kicked off at 4.10 pm. Principal of ITHS Bedrettin Suata, Vice Principal Yavuz Koca, all the Head of Sections were present at the programme. The Head of Section Isa Guier, Deputy Head Roksana Zarin and a few teachers were at the entrance that was gorgeously decorated with students’ whole years’ project works and other activities to receive the respectable guests.

The massive auditorium was filled with a throng of enthusiastic parents who gathered to enjoy the performances of their kids and other students as well. The show began with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by the national anthem. After the introductory speech of the Head of Section Isa Guier came the events one after another: songs, dances, dramas, PowerPoint Presentations, recitation, certificate distribution, award giving both to teachers and students etc.

Though the duration of the programme was pretty long, more than two hours no one was given the slightest chance to be bored as the performances were really great. The students sang, danced and performed in dramas so meticulously. The documentary on Hope School with some little background music was so impressive!

With the approaching of Final Exams the participants could afford very little of their time and effort for the show. But as a whole it was really a very enjoyable one and all present there enjoyed the charisma of the wards. The Management thanked the teachers and all in the team. And needless to say that Hope School will run with the same endeavor in the com1l1g years.

Needless to say ITHS puts special emphasis on cultural activities that helps to develop children’s aesthetic side along with studies.