I could have remained in Bollywood, but it meant leaving Bangladesh: James

James is a well-known rock star in the subcontinent. James’s new song will be released on the Chaand Raat. Despite the chance, Bollywood has withdrawn itself from the nation, which is why the Bebasi song from the Warning film was his final song to be recorded for the industry before retiring. Nagarbaul James to launch his new song ‘I Love You’ after 12 years.

These were revealed on Friday (April 29) evening at the Gulshan Club in the city. For the first time, Nagarbaul James stood in front of the media, talked freely, and took photographs. He spent an extended length of time there, answering a slew of questions from reporters.

Nagarbaul James has also performed in Bollywood musicals. But why not make a habit of it? In response to an inquiry of this kind, James stated: “I could have continued a career in Bollywood at that time. It was quite simple. However, if I remained, I would be forced to leave Bangladesh. To me, it is just not conceivable. I am not prepared to leave the nation, even if doing so increases the temptation. Because of this, Bollywood has not continued. ‘

James shared his thoughts on the new song, saying, “This song is dedicated to all of my followers. This song is dedicated to all of you who come to the field to hear my singing. ‘

He went on to say that it was a joyful and loving song. Songs for the riots. Songs were written to offer thanks and affection to the fans of the band. Those who have spent the last four decades immersed in the captivating.