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I could have remained in Bollywood, but it meant leaving Bangladesh: James

James is a well-known rock star in the subcontinent. James's new song will be released on the Chaand Raat. Despite the chance, Bollywood has withdrawn itself from the nation, which is why the Bebasi song from the Warning film was his final song to be recorded for the industry before retiring. Nagarbaul James to launch his new song 'I Love You' after 12 years.

These were revealed on Friday (April 29) evening at the Gulshan Club in the city. For the first time, Nagarbaul J...

Ghasful organises Shakil’s photo exhibition

A discussion meeting and 2-day long solo photo exhibition of Shakil Hossain on ‘Joys and Sorrows of Child Labors’ organized by Ghasful, a media house was held on 21 August ’15, Friday evening at Biswa Shahittya Kendro. [caption id="attachment_19131" align="alignright" width="540"]A Prof Dr AAMS Arefin Siddiq, Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University visiting a 2-day long solo photo exhibition of Shakil Hossain namely ‘Joys and Sorrows of Child Labors’, organized by Ghasful, a media house, at the gallery of Biswa Shahitty Kendro on Friday.[/caption] Presided over by Additional S...

‘Archie’ cartoonist Tom Moore dies

Tom Moore, the “Archie” cartoonist who brought to life the escapades of a freckled-face, red-haired character, has died in Texas. He was 86. Moore, who began drawing cartoons while in the US Navy during the Korean War, died early Monday morning while in hospice care in his hometown of El Paso, his son Lito Bujanda-Moore told The Associated Press on Tuesday. He said his father was diagnosed with throat cancer within the past week and chose not to undergo treatment. Moore drew Archie Andrews and his friends on and off from 1953 until he retired in the late tom-...
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That name ‘Bangladesh’ is purely accidental

The front of Mike Johnson’s office on Perkins Road looks like it belongs to an accountant, which it does. Those who use the back door on Friday afternoons encounter a world apart. They call it Bangladesh. Any relationship to the country by that name is purely accidental. Johnson served in the Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War, and about 12 years ago he started military man caveinviting other such veterans to end the work week with drinks, snacks and conversation at his office. If anyone questioned whether it was too early to ...

Underwater graveyard full of WWII planes is otherworldly

For 70 years, World War II planes have been resting in peace at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Although divers have enjoyed exploring the underwater graveyard since the 1960s, Brandi Mueller's photos allow us to admire these treasures without a wetsuit. "I find diving [to see] the airplanes really exciting," Mueller, a scuba diving instructor and boat captain, told Mashable. "It's a strange thing to see airplanes underwater. Shipwrecks you expect, but not airplanes." The planes didn't actually crash at this particular location near the Marshall Islands, though. They were discarded there after WWII because it was too expensive to transport them back to the United States from the Kwajalein Atoll, according to Mueller. The site includes Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers, F4U Co...

5 Extremely Crazy Bridges Around The World

Bridges are something we need daily for transportation. Have we ever imagined how crazy they can be built? We haven’t but someone else must have imagined. This 5 bridges are result of those imaginations. These are damn crazily built bridges around the world.

1. The Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan.

Eshima-Ohashi-Bridge-Japan This 44 meters high bridge is something you might want in games & not reality. But this roller coaster bridge is a daily route for japan. The Eshima Ohasi bridge connects the cities Matsue &...
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