ICC Director Francois passes away

Mr. Francois-Gabriel Ceyrac, Director of ICC National Committees and Membership recently passed away in his sleep at his home in Paris. His death has come as a great shock to all at International Chamber of Commerce, The world business organization (ICC) around the world.

ICC DirectorThe funeral service of Mr. Francois-Gabriel Ceyrac was held on 1st July in Paris. Francois-Gabriel Ceyrac served as the Director of the National Committee and Membership, where he managed operations between ICC’s international headquarters and the network of ICC’s National Committees and directed members in 130 countries.

Mr. Ceyrac also played an important role in developing and maintaining organizational relationships with outside constituencies, including banks, national chambers of commerce and associations.Francois spent over 30 years at ICC—most recently in the role of Director of National Committees and Membership—and he leaves behind an organization which is much stronger, thanks to his tireless work.

Francois played a central role over many years in extending and strengthening ICC’s global network. His contribution to the strengthening, development and promotion of ICC network worldwide will always be remembered by all members of ICC family.