IEEE BDS Group achieves top honors

Bangladesh continues to shine in world’s largest professional organization

IEEE Bangladesh Section (IEEE BDS) and its Women in Engineering Affinity Group (WIE BD) have been carrying out highly impactful scientific activities spread throughout the nation, bringing together and enhancing the potential of engineering community and securing remarkable individual, regional and global achievements and awards.   It is our pleasure to inform that IEEE Bangladesh Section has received the “2018 Member and Geographic Activities Board Outstanding Large Section Award”, the highest recognition from global IEEE.  It is a great honor for us as well as for the country.

Conducting various research, educational, professional and humanitarian-technology-based activities on a regular basis, IEEE Bangladesh Section and Women in Engineering Affinity Group creates a significant positive impact on the students, young professionals, mid-career IEEEresearchers, senior leaders and members from the academia and industry alike. WIE BD has particularly contributed in galvanizing the female engineering community through engaging activities, programs, competitions and conferences covering topics from the fields of Power and Energy, Robotics and Automation, Biomedical Engineering, Signal Processing, just to name a few. WIE BD’s contribution was internationally recognized in 2017 when it received the IEEE WIE AG of the Year Award by Global WIE Committee. Other awards in the last few years include 2013 R10 WIE Professional Volunteer and 2015 WIE Inspiring Member awards, both presented to Dr. Celia Shahnaz, 2016 R10 (Asia-Pacific) WIE Section Affinity Group Award, 2018 R10 WIE Student Branch AG of the Year Award (BUET), etc.

A Culture of Stellar Performance

IEEE BDS plays a crucial role in the disbursement of research and scientific knowledge of the country by organizing or being a technical co-sponsor of the best engineering conferences in the area. A culminating example of a state-of-the-art international event is the flagship International Leadership Summit Dhaka, organized by IEEE BDS and WIE BD, which brought in leaders and practitioners from all over the world to discuss emerging technology, disruptive technology, topics in entrepreneurship, leadership, empowerment and beyond. A total of 55 speakers including 13 foreign speakers from 8 different countries, namely USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh along with more than 300 delegates took part in the summit. In 2018, IEEE BDS has conducted an astonishing 120 events, whereas its WIE Affinity Group has successfully completed 20 events.   Through  winning and bringing in various international grants, paving pioneering steps in industry-academia collaboration and nurturing the culture of research and innovation,  IEEE BDS and WIE BD have been  fulfilling the professional, technical and humanitarian goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public by maintaining, enhancing and supporting the student branches, technical chapters and affinity groups of IEEE Bangladesh Section.


The mission of IEEE BDS is to spread IEEE activities to all corners of the country and to develop technology and its applications for humanitarian challenges. Section’s mission through its WIE Affinity Group is to inspire women to choose careers in engineering and science, stay updated with the latest in technology and innovation and encourage them to contribute their best towards the community. Dedicated to this mission and with a genuine interest to use technology for the benefit of humanity, IEEE BDS and WIE BD continue to work tirelessly in supporting the country’s engineering community and beyond.


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