Individuals still battling with families due to coronation

Normal life has come to a standstill since the year 2020. Although it is 2022, a substantial percentage of Bangladesh’s population is gaining significant momentum in order to turn the wheel of a stagnant existence around again.

In a study done by the Center for Peace and Justice (CPJ) at BRAC University, on average, the financial status of those families changed from one month to the next.

More than half of all household incomes were lower in December 2011 than they had been the previous year, according to the Census Bureau. For the time being, households continue to rely on previous loans for 34% of their income, with the vast majority of funds going toward food purchases. Because of this, the corporation has removed him from his job. According to the Bureau of Industrial Development, 13% of the population has been laid off and is struggling to make ends meet. As reported by the Bangladeshi government, around 26% of families received monitory and food assistance in the preceding year. Despite the fact that the government has offered them, a disproportionately large number of families (31 per cent) have yet to register for the first dose of coronary immunization.

An advisor to the IEDCR noted that the government has begun making attempts to distribute food items at a subsidized cost to one crore homes, which is a significant number. When you act responsibly in a timely way, you can meet the financial needs of the people and help Bangladesh move toward its long-term goals at the same time!

If the country is going to move forward, it will have to get over the economic shock that the general public has felt as well as the government’s willingness to work together.