4:32 pm - Sunday September 25, 3707

Inward remittance shows uptrend in 1st 13 days of Dec

Country’s inward remittance during the first 13 days of the current month (till December 13) showed an encouraging sign totaling $ 573.06 million.

The remittance inflow last month (November) totaled $ 1051.10 million, according to the latest data provided by the Bangladesh Bank (BB).

remmitanceThe central bank data showed that some $ 14,461.14 million came as remittance in the last fiscal year (2012-13).

The BB data also showed that of the total remitted amount during the 13 days of the current month (December), the highest $ 369.49 million came through the private commercial banks. This was followed by $ 188.73 million through four state-owned commercial banks, $ 7.45 million through two specialised banks and $ 7.39 million through foreign commercial banks operating in Bangladesh, reports UNB.

Analysing the BB data, it was found that the highest amount of $ 143.28 million came through Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, followed by $ 70.06 million through Agrani Bank; $ 58.71 million through Sonali Bank Ltd; $ 53.34 million through Janata Bank Ltd; $ 32.89 million through National Bank Ltd; $ 21.19 million through BRAC Bank Ltd; and $ 19 million through Pubali Bank Ltd.

Country’s remittance inflow totaled $12,843.43 million in fiscal 2011-12 compared to $11,650.31 million in the previous fiscal (2010-11).