Islami Bank’s explanation on published reports

Some recently published newspaper reports about Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has drawn our attention. The fact and the Bank’s statements in this regard are as follows:

Notice of a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bank are provided to all directors local and foreign regular and timely complying to all the country’s existing laws, regulatory rules and in accordance with the Bank’s articles of association. As soon as giving of the notice, documents/memos regarding the meeting are provided to the directors via intra-web and are IBBLthen send in hardcopy, on the basis of which the directors contribute important role in the Bank’s policy-making through deliberate and valuable opinions, observations and suggestions.
There is no kind of exception to the rules in recruitment process of the new Managing Director. In context of vacancy in the post of Managing Director, an expert and long- experienced person in the country’s banking industry, who has served earlier as managing director in several banks with reputation, has been appointed as per unanimous decisions of the Board of Directors following all the land’s laws and practices and approved by the regulatory authorities.

The Islami Bank authority assures all relevant stakeholders that recent changes in the Bank have occurred following to the existing laws and regulations and the rules and circulars issued by the regulatory agencies have been duly and properly followed and will continue to be followed in the future.
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited from its inception has been playing an important role in the country’s overall economic development as well as the general public welfare throgh all kinds of banking services.

We ask cooperation and support of all concerned in this journey of advancement.